GBS Teaching Community – L.A.M.P – Local Aussie Mentoring Project

GBS Teaching Community invites you to hear Peter Woods, Ray Hibbins, Michelle Barker and Arthur Poropat

 L.A.M.P – Local Aussie Mentoring Project

One of the challenges we face as academics is how to provide learning experiences that develop inter-culturally capable graduates (Learning Principle #4). This is crucial if we are to help our students achieve the Graduate Attribute of competence in culturally diverse and international environments. The LAMP Project, otherwise known as The Local Aussie Mentoring Project, was designed to address these issues for GBS students – international and local students alike. The peer mentoring module and opportunity for practical experience in mentoring was embedded into an undergraduate GBS course (HR Training and Development). Come along and participate as the speakers reflect on what they learned from designing, implementing and evaluating the module. The discussion will centre on your views about how the module could be adapted and embedded in other courses.

Lunch is free so come along!

 N54_2.06, Nathan

L03_2.27, Logan

G34_1.04, Gold Coast

Tuesday, May 25th – 12-1pm

Lunch is free so come along!

Please RSVP— Jennie Wainwright (X 21187) by Friday the 21st May.

Diversity in Class

GBS Teaching Community of Practice invites you to hear Dr Maureen Harrington and Dr Young Sook-Lee.

“ Diversity is a key issue for people who teach in the Griffith Business School.   With people coming from many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, diversity can be challenging, difficult but can also be very rewarding.   Come along to the April 15th meeting of TCoP and here colleagues from the Department of Tourism, Leisure, Hotel and Sport Management discuss interesting and relevant strategies for proactively using Diversity in class”.

Lunch is free so come along!

Thursday, April 15 – 12 – 1 pm

 N54_2.06, Nathan

 L03_2.27, Logan

2009 Griffith Awards for Excellence in Teaching – GBS Recipients

Individual Teacher Awards

Law, Economics, Business and Related Studies
Dr Janis Bailey
Department of Employment Relations
Highly Commended
Associate Professor Gayle Jennings
Department of Tourism, Leisure, Hotel and Sport Management


Dr Robyn Swift
Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Early Career
Craig Cameron
Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics


Highly Commended 

Dr Kanchana Kariyawasam

Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics


Priority Area Award – Work-integrated learning
Highly Commended
Ken Bennett
Department of International Business and Asian Studies


Programs that Enhance Learning
Professional Development Program: integrating learning and the profession
Dr Brett Freudenberg, Dr Mark Brimble, Craig Cameron, Jo McConnell and Jenny Wainwright
Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Griffith Business School

Enthusing students to learn through contextualisation and information literacy

Dr Brett Freudenberg (AFE)

Winner of a prestigious Australian Learning and Teaching Council citation in 2008

Enthusing students to learn through contextualisation and information literacy

Date: Monday 2 November 2009

Time: 1.15 to 2.00 pm

(but come early for the GBS L&T poster sessions – from 12.15)

Venue: Logan Auditorium (L06)

Does the GBS need a GPS: Where are we going with L&T? A light-hearted forum

The GBS TCoP’s contribution to ‘Celebrating Teaching Week’

Date: Wednesday 4 November 2009

Time: 12.30pm-2.00pm

Venue: Nathan, N06, room 0.25

(to be video-conferenced to Gold Coast,  G23, room 3.01 and Logan,  L05, room 3.04A)

The Forum

As the title says, where are we going with learning and teaching (L&T) in GBS?  This light-hearted but nevertheless semi-serious forum will allow presenters to dissect their least-favourite L&T ‘sacred cows’.  Be warned, this could get messy.  Audience participation is mandatory: come prepared to have your say.  The line-up is a closely-guarded secret at this point, but will include the Dean, Learning and Teaching, Professor Lorelle Frazer, and a number of GBS staff and students.

Lunch Provided

(if you have special dietary requirements please let Anne Hutton know)

RSVPs to Anne Hutton: 338 21187 ( by Friday 30 October (please indicate which campus you will attend)

Enquiries to Janis Bailey: 555 27748 (

Sessional Matters/Sessionals Matter

Joan Corrie, Michael Fox, Bernd Zomerdijk and Aaron Ruutz

Date: Wed 21 October 2009

Time:  12.00 to 12.50 pm

Note the earlier than usual starting time

Venue: Nathan N54 2.02    

The Topic

In GBS, and throughout the higher education sector, sessional staff do a large amount of face to face teaching, both lecturing and tutoring.  This workshop presents some key strategies to assist sessional staff to manage their teaching more effectively.  It will also provide ideas to assist permanent academic staff and managers to make better use of sessional staff, including ways of incorporating them into teaching teams and taking note of sessionals’ voices in order to improve pedagogy, curriculum design and administration.  

All GBS staff, sessional and otherwise, should attend this provocative and stimulating workshop.

The Speakers
Session coordinator Aaron Ruutz (a sessional staff member in the GBS for five years) will chair the session. Joan Corrie is a leading GBS sessional staff member with over 10 years’ teaching experience.  Michael Fox is a recent addition to the GBS, but brings a wealth of knowledge from the public and private sectors to support his leading role as a sessional staff member.  Bernd Zomerdijk is a PhD candidate currently working as a GBS sessional teacher. 

Lunch Provided
(If you have special dietary requirements please let Anne Hutton know)

– RSVPs to Anne Hutton: 338 21187 (  ) by Friday 16 October
– Enquiries Janis Bailey, 555 27748 (  )  

Group Work Survival Skills

Dr Larry Crump, IBA 

Date: Thursday 8 October 2009 

Time:   1.00 to 1.50 pm 

Venue: Nathan N72 -1.18     

(to be videoconferenced to Gold Coast   G34 1.04 and Logan   L03 2.27)


The Topic

This session introduces – and launches – a new GBS resource on group work, located within the Griffith Resources Bank. Group work is part of the Griffith experience, but students may not have sufficient knowledge and skill to manage this complicated process. This resource will help both students and staff understand and effectively manage the challenges of group work.

The Speaker

Dr Larry Crump teaches International Negotiation and Comparative Management in IBAS, and was Project Manager for the development of the Group Work resource. Larry actively utilises group work as a learning and teaching strategy. Examples include random assignment to four-student groups in a course with 250 students and organising a class of 60 into groups of 15 students each to submit a single assignment.

Lunch Provided

(If you have special dietary requirements please let Anne Hutton know) 

RSVPs to Anne Hutton: 338 21187 ( ) by Monday 5 October (please indicate which campus you will attend)

Enquiries Janis Bailey, 555 27748 ( )

Event – Teaching: The Cinderella Job?

Teaching: The Cinderella Job?

Speakers:  Professor Kerri-Lee Krause, Acting PVC (Quality and Student Outcomes) and Professor Keithia Wilson (Chair, Educational Excellence Committee)

Date:  Friday 7 August 2009

Time:  1.00 to 1.50

Venue:  Nathan, N54 2.06

(to be video-conferenced to Gold Coast G01 2.12 and Logan, L03, 2.27)

The Topic We hear much talk of ‘the scholarship of teaching’ and of new Griffith University policies that will more rigorously identify and reward good teachers.  What do we mean by ‘the scholarship of teaching’, why is it desirable to become a scholarly teacher, and how can staff be strategic about this issue? Can one base one’s career on scholarly teaching? A policy perspective from the Actg PVC (Quality & Student Outcomes) and a personal perspective from a colleague who has been promoted twice for her scholarly teaching.

The Speakers Professor Kerri-Lee Krause Professor Kerri-Lee Krause is Chair in Higher Education and Director, Griffith Institute for Higher Education. Her research focus is on the changing student experience, the changing nature of academic work and the implications of these changes for university policy and practice. Recent research projects include teaching-research linkages across the disciplines and at the institutional policy level, and disciplinary differences and their implications for learning and teaching.

Professor Keithia Wilson, School of Psychology, has extensive experience in the development and implementation of innovative learning and teaching and assessment practices and resources, publishing widely in international journals. She received the Carrick Institute Prime Minister’s Award for the 2007 Australian University Teacher of the Year. She chairs the Educational Excellence Committee, which facilitates the development, recognition and reward of learning and teaching policy and practices.

Lunch provided.  If you have special dietary requirements please let Anne Hutton know.

RSVPs to Anne Hutton:  338 21187 ( by Monday 3 August (please indicate campus you will attend)

Enquiries:  Janis Bailey 555 27748 (

We have no connecting corridor

Seth Godin has an interesting post about intentionally building communities.  It got me thinking about the ways in which we in the GBS actually do meet up and chat.  It’s almost a huge effort to talk to people outside our immediate environs, the people in our corridor.  The people in the next building are not regular chatters or chattees, let alone the people on any one of the other campuses (or is that campi?).  We do have occasional meetings, but it’s so hard to find the time with our teaching commitments, our research commitments and a whole range of other things just begging for our time.

Where are the incidental meetups?

Hopefully, this interaction space will help build us some corridors, hallways and connections.

How are we bringing people together?

As an interaction space, all GBSTeachers are invited to participate.  Gaining access is easy, just email me (I’m in (b)Lotus).  Alternatively, post a comment with your name (I’ll find you).    There’s plenty of (virtual) space to go around.

Who wants to have a coffee with me?

Seriously, who wants a coffee and a chat?

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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or some other variation on that theme.  All it means is that you can point your mouse at a very specific link and make a bookmark that will update with new posts from the site.

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